Rupert Murdoch draws massive online backlash for Muslim comments

Rupert Murdoch draws massive online backlash for Muslim comments

Rupert Murdoch and his Fox News empire were on the receiving end of a massive Twitter counteroffensive this weekend.

The billionaire media mogul ran into an online buzz saw after he offered his thoughts on radical Islam.

“Maybe most Moslems peaceful, but until they recognize and destroy their growing jihadist cancer they must be held responsible,” Murdoch said Friday in a tweet to his nearly 550,000 followers.

The observation drew a swift round of condemnations, including from “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling.

But the most scathing rebuttal was courtesy of comedian Aziz Ansari.

Ansari, whose heritage is Tamil Muslim, fired off several tweets mocking…

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Sprint is showing signs of life at just the right time

Sprint is showing signs of life at just the right time


Wait a minute, is this possible? Is Sprint finally dusting itself off and getting ready to fight after year’s of being the wireless industry’s whipping boy? Per GigaOM, Sprint this week reported that it added 967,000 net subscribers in the final calendar quarter of 2014, which was enough to help it remain the third-largest wireless carrier in the country despite the huge gains T-Mobile has made in the last year.

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Sprint just made a huge move to steal you away from AT&T and Verizon [updated]

Sprint just made a huge move to steal you away from AT&T and Verizon [updated]


Although Sprint has been the wireless world’s whipping boy for years, the carrier has been showing some signs of competitiveness in recent months and this week it’s announcing its boldest move yet. Per Re/code, Sprint this week will start offering a new pricing scheme “that it claims will halve the bills of customers who defect from AT&T and Verizon in the latest salvo of an increasingly bitter price war.”

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The Truth About The Attacks On Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby #Speaking Knowledge #Truth

The MadMan Chronicles

One of the first things I tell people who are new to the “revolution of the mind” is to understand we are at war. To un-learn everything that has been taught.

Especially if it comes from mass media.

Being a passive/aggressive historian, I have done quite a bit of research concerning how dictatorships are formed.

Naomi Wolfe got it right. It always follows ten basics steps.

The 8th being “Target Key Individuals”. This is done by dismantling the persons legacy, their immediate source of income and discrediting them to their followers.

Why Bill Cosby you ask? Watch the video and make that determination for yourself.

For more info on 10 easy ways to a dictatorship … Start with Naomi Wolfe’s book… Then do your own research.

Side Note : Understand this is just MY opinion:

While I do believe Bill ultimately is to blame for his own demise (in my book…

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Meet Chagit!


The Wrapunzel Blog

Chagit is truly a wrap star in every single way!  She is bold, fun, and never afraid to try something new!  Every time I come across a photo of her, my first reaction is “Wow!”  And then my second reaction is, “How did she do that?!”  Here she is, sharing her heart and mind, and teaching us some of her essential tips and tricks!  I know you’ll love her as much as I do!  (Make sure you click on her photos to get the full impact of amazingness!)


Hi Chagit!  Can you tell us a little about yourself; how you spend your time, where you live, family, interesting hobbies etc.?
Hi sweetie and Hello to all those beautiful ladies out there. So before I start I just wanna say that Im super honored that you like my wrapping style. I just couldnt start without first saying, “Thanks”.
Hi again, my…

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