Greensboro police release search warrants in retired officer shooting

George Was a friend of ours. So Sad that he is gone.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Only a few days after the autopsy results of George Bishop III were released, Greensboro police have made public the search warrants that were filed in the case, as well.

Former Greensboro police lieutenant Brenda Johnson Bishop, 70, is accused of shooting and killing her husband George Bishop, 68, on Dec. 10 in their home at 1504 Larchmont Drive.

In a search warrant for their house, executed the same day as the shooting, Detective J.R. Waddell states officers were searching for blood, DNA, weapons, shell casings, fingerprints, clothing, cell phones or any other evidence relating to the shooting.

Police seized three firearms, three spent shell casings, one bullet projectile, one bullet projectile fragment, some clothing, a fanny pack, a fleece jacket, a motorized wheelchair, a nylon handgun holster and three boxes of handgun ammunition, according to court documents made public Tuesday.

Read more: Greensboro News & Record

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