Teenager sentenced to prison for assaulting teacher at Dudley High

Mr. Wole is a very good Man. This is a sad story. I wonder what the underlying problem was. Hurt People Hurt People.


GREENSBORO, N.C. — A 19-year-old woman was sentenced Monday after she reportedly plead guilty to assaulting a substitute teacher at Dudley High School.

According to Assistant District Attorney Howard Neumann, Khavasia Vaughn was sentenced to spend 16 to 29 months in prison for attacking Wole Ajala in September.

Neumann says Vaughn plead guilty to misdemeanor assault on a government official and felony assault causing serious bodily injury.  A charge of communicating threats was dropped as part of her plea deal.

Ajala told FOX8 the incident occurred after Vaughn took her shoes off while she was in his math class.  Ajala said he asked the student to put her shoes on, at which point she “just got up and started using profanity.”

Ajala said he called for help and Vaughn was taken out of the classroom, but she returned less than ten minutes later.

“The first thing I heard her say…

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