There is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch or Free Show Thanks Marvin Sapp

Charter Schools--- Low Income

Charter Schools—
Low Income


On Tuesday, April 23,  my children and I raced to get to the Greensboro War Memorial Auditorium for a Concert with My favorite gospel artist Marvin Sapp.

God Blessed us with Free Parking and a Front Row Parking Spot. We got in and somehow made it to the Orchestra pit. Better than front row.

Sat there and had a wonderful time listening to a Gospel Comedian, and a presentation by the Napoleon B Smith Seventh Day Adventist Academy/Pre-School   the I have a dream speech. Very great display of  the Genius of our children. 

Then the red flag came up.

The Speaker of the house, (r) and a few other politicians were in the building. Me being informed…. I noticed that the politicians that were not there were the ones who really care about the community if that makes any sense.

Read the article below and see how The Speaker and  Marcus Brandon were flown down to Florida for this….

Thanks Walmart and Amway Millionaires

THEN CHECK THIS OUT……….. After Bashing public schools…..and a few sob stories,

The President of the organization that is being paid to do this…. Asked everyone in the building to… Take out their Cell Phones….Text SOS to a certain number…. then after that they got a response text with a link to an email….then they could send the email to the house of representatives…. ADVOCATING FOR THIS PROPAGANDA Mind you these people came to hear MARVIN SAPP Sing NEVER COULD HAVE MADE IT. SMH so now the audience. (by Gods Grace my phone battery died and I could not do it.) 

Then they had a big screen in the back showing what area codes were advocating and how many people….

It was over 5000 people who sent an email via cell phone in less than 2 minutes that don’t even know what they just did……

So Are you getting my drift do you understand?

Don’t get sold out for a piece of fried chicken or a free Marvin Sapp Concert. (don’t get me wrong I loved the concert.) the propaganda… not so much. #love #my #people

the “free Marvin Sapp concert” #More info on the #propaganda

Check out this video regarding the Bill

Behind the Free Marvin Sapp Show  From DIG TRIAD News 2


(my facebook post) Tuesday’s event bashed public schools…. Let’s get this straight. If your child is failing, you need to put more time and energy into his/her education. Bad parenting lack of involvement don’t work for children public schools, private schools, or charter. I have been at my daughter’s school for meetings and such at least 4 times this week. and on my way to my son’s school got to be there by 9 so Peace out. Ok… Getting to the bottom of the Free Concert last night….Thanks For the Free Concert but No thanks for this NeoVoucher Push…. Funded by who? Walmart Amway and I think the Koch Brothers.

(Kim Moore Dudley – Facebook ) (More about that Marvin Sapp Concert last night……North Carolina lawmakers are moving ahead with plans to establish an indirect voucher system that would help low-income children attend private or religious schools with public funds — and they are doing so with the financial support of billionaire school-privatization advocates from outside the state.)

A little Marvin Sapp (for Free )


One thought on “There is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch or Free Show Thanks Marvin Sapp

  1. I’ve said before…. This is a scam intended to to do two things 1) Control the information our children learn in school… And even worse 2) lower the funding for public schools… The money that pays for the vouchers will directly reduce the amount of money our already underfunded public schools receive.., Most private schools cost in the area of $25000/year to attend, so the $4500/year the voucher provides will not help most parents get their kids into these schools anyway.., Plus, they are not allowing you to take the voucher and give it to the public school your child already attends, so most people will not see a benefit.,, it will only serve those families well off enough to already afford private school!!! Like Valerie said, if we are vigilant and proactive in our children’s education then we control the quality of education in our own schools,. This means going to teacher conferences, joining and being active in the PTA, volunteering for teacher aides, proctors, field trip chaperones, etc… Make our presence know at the school and things will improve drastically! Yes it takes time, but it’s the best investment we can ever make!!! As for these vouchers… The BEST they can do is HARM our children!!!


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