BEAUTIFUL NEWS: 17-Year-Old Ginger Howard Becomes Youngest Black Female Golfer To Go Pro [VIDEOS]

Great This is an interest of mine. I hope I can succeed in #golf


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Ginger Howardis a 17-year-old golf superstar who needs to be on your radar! Move over Tiger Woods! There’s another brown face on the golf course and this time, it’s a woman! Ginger is truly a Black girl who ROCKS! She has won 78 trophies, including 1st place at 41 out of 66 events.

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Obviously Ginger has made a splash in the golf world as she’s been a part of Tiger Wood’s Junior Golf Foundation in 2003 & 2005, and according to, Ginger recently made national TV appearances on the John Walsh Show for Amazing Kids, Comcast SportsNet, NBC4 and George Michael Sports Machine. She’s also been featured on and in the New York Times’ Play Magazine.

#TeamBeautiful is so proud of the teenage golf phenom because…

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